Amsterdam- November 2017


In November my boyfriend and myself took a weekend break to Amsterdam. He has always wanted to go so I booked us a spontaneous trip there.

After a really smooth flight things were going too well. We arrived at Schiphol Airport and headed for the taxis. Me being me ( an organised control freak)  I printed out a map from the airport to our hotel. We were quoted 25 euros for the journey, so after around 15 minutes we pull up to a hotel. Once again because I’m freakishly organised I’d printed out a photo of our hotel….he had taken us to the completely wrong hotel… and we now had to turn around and go back in the same direction. To say I was fuming was an understatement.

After being really  annoyed that my taxi was now 85 euros we had finally  arrived at our hotel. After a strong coffee I had managed to get over the ordeal haha.

Best Western- Delphi Hotel

Even though our hotel wasn’t very central to some of  the craziness of Amsterdam we were so pleased with it as a whole and would highly recommend it.

The bedrooms were immaculate, spacious and welcoming. Breakfast was included in our stay, and ever since we left I have been dreaming about their Danish pancakes.

The staff were so helpful and  friendly, offering us maps and pointing out some of the best places to go.

One of their recommendations was a place called ‘Cannibale Royale’ – which is a bar and grill.

I went for the ‘Le Cannibale Royale Burger’ and omg I was not disappointed.  Without doubt this is the best burger I have ever tasted in my life. We sat in the window and people watched whilst we demolished our food. The food was a little pricey but you get what you pay for 100%



Many of our friends had visited Amsterdam and had pre-warned us about bikes.  I think I had totally misjudged  the situation as I was completely terrified each time I ventured out of our hotel. My boyfriend and myself were living in fear crossing roads – as apparently the ‘ GREEN MAN’ means nothing over there whilst attempting to cross the road. So we made an informed decision not to rent one as we feared  that we might die.


I was completely amazed by all of the window displays in nearly every shop we walked past. Each one had been styled to perfection.

To be perfectly honest without my other half  I would of gotten myself completely lost. Without his map reading skills I was hopeless, he always managed to find somewhere that sold something covered in chocolate or terribly unhealthy.


As I previously mentioned food and drink are quite pricey in Amsterdam – the average hot chocolate cost about 5 euros but as we went in November it was much needed.

We plan to Visit Amsterdam again maybe in the warmer months so we can get about a little easier. As we only stayed for 3 days I feel like everything was a little rushed and we didn’t get to see as much as we had hoped for.

All in all we had a fantastic time and hope to head back sometime in the near future


Peace and Love





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