So I’ve been waiting for this film to come out for months now. Pixar never fail to make a film that’s great for children and also amazing for adults too. My niece was so excited to go and see this too, so I had a great excuse to go.

Without giving too much away,a young boy called Miguel dreams of becoming a famous musician like his great great grandfather “Ernesto de la Cruz”. Unfortunately the musician abandoned his wife and child (Miguels grandmother) to persue his career and never returned. Since then,his family turned his back on him and music in general.

Every year the living throw a huge party and put up pictures of their dead loved ones so that they can visit the living for one night only.

The story follows Miguel as he is magically transported to the land of the dead. He spends his time searching for his long lost relative who has been his musical hero all of his life.

The film is light hearted and is full of wonderful songs that are now stuck in my head. So If you want something to do this weekend whislt its freezing I highly recommend this film.

I give it a solid 8/10 🙂

Peace and love 




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