New hair πŸ’—

So today I had a half day at work so I spent the rest of my afternoon getting pampered at the hair dressers. I go to a salon based in Leigh called ‘Lee Bracek”.

As mentioned in an earlier post I’ve slowly been going ginger/copper from a dark brown.

As you can see it was almost black- so without destroying my hair they have been lightening it Very slowly to prevent it falling out.

This was the first stage:

Then when it had faded it changed into a gingery colour towards the ends of my hair.

When I last came in my hair dresser suggested that he could lighten sections of my hair and then put toners over the top to create a more vivrant colour.

Products used to create this look were :

“Redken Flashlift along with Olaplex and Alfaparf Milano”

Follow the link for the video of my new hair : Bracek hair dressing

As always the service is wonderful at Lee Bracek and I highly recommend it.

Peace and Love




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