Charlie’s Whippy

So a few days ago my friend told me about an ice cream company that drops treats off at your house for you.Amazing,I know!!!

The first time I ordered I got Belgium waffles topped with Mr whippy ice cream,flake,sherbet,sprinkles,chocolate sauce and oreos. This was £3.75 and was so,so good.

I told a few of my friends about it and tonight we rang again (I can see this becoming a habbit ). This time I went for the hot cookies with ice cream and all the toppings again for £3.75

My friend Kayed decided he wanted to try and eat as much as possible and was not disappointed.

So if you live around the following places you really need to try it.




🍍Platt bridge



I give Charlies Whippy 10/10 because the food is great and the staff are really friendly and grateful for your custom.

Check them out:

Peace and love




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