As mentioned in my previous post we headed into Manchester to watch a gig. Whilst there, we decided to get some food. (Because we are always hungry)

We were beyond freezing due to the snow, so we headed to the Printworks for some much needed warmth and cocktails. We ended up going to ‘Walkabout”

The food was all really affordable, I went for the chicken parmi with bbq sauce and thick chunks of bacon on top-with a side of sweet potato fries and coleslaw. It cost about £8.95 and was sooo good.

Of course when there is food there needs to be alcohol.

I’m not too fussy when it comes to wine so we drank this bottle of white between us and it was only £8.95 (which is a bargain for a night in Manchester city centre).

Between 5-7pm certain drinks were only £2 each so we got a selection of cocktails to try. I highly recommend the “cherry pop”. Apart from getting heartburn they were all amazing.

So if you fancy some good Scran and drinks for not alot of money you should give walkabout a try.

Peace and Love



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