So for Christmas I bought the other half some concert tickets and begged him to take me with him haha. Smooth move!!!

We’ve been listening to a singer called

Alejandro Rose-Garcia

otherwise known as SHAKEY GRAVES for quite some time on YouTube. He did some sessions on ‘audio tree’ that are really worth a watch.

SHAKEY GRAVES is a musician from Austin,Texas, his music is a cross between blues,folk and rock and roll. His husky voice and lovable character makes you instantly fall in love with them. Each song tells a little story and it’s the kinda music you just can’t help but dance about to.

The gig was at ‘The Ruby Lounge” in Manchester city centre. The venue was really cosy with worn down leather sofas and velvet curtains- kinda felt like a bit like “fangtasia” if you’ve ever watched true blood (don’ judge me)

I know England is known for being cold but The weather outside was something else…

One of the band members Patrick,was nice enough to come over and talk to us before he went on stage. He told us due to the weather tonight’s gig would be the last of their UK tour due to the snow. I am so glad they managed to get to Manchester for us though!!!

The camera on my phone isn’t amazing but I did manage to get a video of them performing,but please do go check them out on youtube. You will not be disappointed!!!


Peace and love



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