So today is my 27th birthday. Wahhh I’m getting old 😦 My mum wants me to pretend I’m 19 so she can lie about her age haha.

I’ve booked off a full week off work to do nothing and have “me time” which translates to me binge watching America’s next top model.

So this morning we went for breakfast at the very glam Weatherspoons in Leigh. I’ve got a wierd obsession with pancakes,bacon and maple syrup-its amazing. My boyfriend’s sister came and brought me some lovely presents and Reuben loved my flowers a little bit too much.

After eating my bodyweight in carbs myself and my other half went shopping to buy pointless things that we don’t need. My house is full of trinkets and I’ve added a couple more thanks to Sainsbury’s amazing home things.

(Pineapple lamp Tkmaxx, fox Wilko,bird Sainsbury’s,irridesent bowl Home and Bargains,lantern George,copper candle Home and Bargains,skull candle Primark, blue pineapple Sainsbury’s )

I’ve also been bought some beautiful plants for my birthday from my mum too which were £9 in total from Wilko. I love them!!!

Tomorrow i’m heading to Manchester, so no doubt I will end up buying more bits of stuff I don’t need haha.

Peace and Love




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