I often talk with my friends about my favourite song of the moment or my “all time favourite band” and honestly I find it so hard to answer. I love Paramore, Areosmith and Biffy Clyro but I can never decide who I enjoy the most- it really depends on my mood 🙂

I never leave the house without my iPod in my bag. It’s filled with hundreds of embarrassing songs that to me are just the greatest songs of all time-I might be slightly biased haha.

I enjoy lots of different genres of music and my taste is quite eclectic.

My trusty iPod is filled with sad songs (which for some reason I really enjoy-I swear I’m not morbid )songs that remind me of being younger or from different phases in my life and happy sassy music that makes bus journeys more bearable.

So I’ve decided to share some of my favourite songs with you and I’d love to hear people’s recommendations. I always love finding new music.

Taking Back Sunday- Make Damn Sure

This song reminds me of being about 15 at high school, wearing far too much eyeliner and belting it out full blast in my bedroom.

Every Thursday I would go to an under 18’s rock night in Wigan called ‘Cafe Nirvana”. It was the kinda place which was really sweaty and grimy and it played ’emo’,’pop punk’ and rock music all night. It was my favourite night of the week. “Taking Back Sunday” would 100% be played without fail every week. I still know every word to this song and even went watching them in Manchester 2016. Even though it is very emo this song makes me feel nostalgic and happy.

Lana Del Rey – Blue Jeans

I remember the first time I ever heard Lana’s voice and I was instantly a fan. Her retro vibes and haunting lyrics really appealed to me and I bought her album straight away. The stand out song for me was “Blue Jeans”. I would sit in my bedroom at my mum’s house with this song on repeat (driving my mum insane). The album in general is amazing and if you’ve not got a copy in your house I would definitely recommend that you buy/download it. The album is called “Born to die”

The Killers- When You Were Young

A lot of “The Killers” songs have sadly been overplayed to the point where I cringe when then come on in nightclubs cough cough….Mr Brightside. However, one of the most underrated of songs of theirs is ‘When you were young”. I remember the video premiering on t.v late one night and the next day I couldn’t stop listening to it. I was walking home from work today and pressed shuffle on my iPod and it came on and instantly I was reminded of just how much I loved it. A favourite lyric of mine was:

‘ The devil’s water it ain’t so sweet, you don’t have to drink right now. But you can dip your feet, every once in a little while”

My Chemical Romance – Helena

Back to the whole “emo” scene again, a favourite band of mine was My Chemical Romance. Sadly the band are no longer together-however I’m forever hoping for a reunion. I always remember the video for this song-it was extremely dramatic and had a gothic premise as it was about a funeral. It’s not as depressing as it sounds if you’ve never seen it. It’s from the album “Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge” which to this day is still one of my favourite albums.

P!nk- Just Like A Pill

Moving on to a more poppy genre and way back to when I was about 11 years old “Just like a pill came out” I have always been a fan of P!nk but without doubt I feel this is her best song.
I recently watched a documentary about her on YouTube ‘Mtv behind the music” where she talked in depth about her childhood and struggles with drugs and family issues. She talked about writing this song with Linda Parry of the “Four none Blondes” and it made me love it even more. (The quality of the Mtv video is shocking but it’s worth a watch if you are a fan) I’ve always loved how Pink doesn’t give a shit about what anyone thinks about her and she’s had some absolute bangers over the years.

Fleetwood Mac- Dreams

So obviously “Rumours” is a fantastic album and one of the stand out tracks is ‘Dreams”. Many people have covered it over the years however no one quite sings it like Stevie Nicks. My best friend always says this song reminds her of me and has also said that if I die before her she has chosen it as my funeral song-thanks Steph.

Stevie also did a song with Sheryl Crow on the film “Practical Magic” called ‘If you ever did believe” and this is also one of my favourite songs of hers. (Also an amazing film if you haven’t seen it )

Thirty Seconds To Mars-The Kill

So apart from Jared Letto being a beautiful specimen I absolutely adore his voice. The music video for this song is based on the film “The Shining” and is about 6 mins long. The video always freaked my sister out so I had to turn it off when it came on the music channels.

The album is called ‘ A Beautiful Lie” which came out in 2005, which would of made me 14 when it came out. I still play it all the time especially when I’m doing the washing up.

The Neighbourhood- Sweater Weather

I first heard this song in Summer 2013 (I think) whilst I was working at a glasses company. It was a boiling building that had zero aircon so I literally had 3 fans on and all the windows open. I had Radio One on and they started playing this song from a band I’d never heard of before, and it was just the perfect music for the amazing weather we were having. I went watching them in Manchester a few years later at “The Ritz” and the sound was awful and we could barely hear them. Today the weather is surprisingly good so I put it on whilst on my way to do some shopping. It still sounded as good as ever!

So that’s a list of a few of my favourite songs, I know I have probably forgotten some. If anyone has any suggestions of things that they would think I would like I’d love to hear them.

Peace and Love


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