Holiday to Turkey 2018

I haven’t posted in a while due to the fact I’ve not done anything particularly interesting haha.

Last week I went on holiday with my other half ,sister,brother in law and niece. We visited antalya in Turkey and it was beautiful.

We stayed in the most amazing hotel that I had ever been to. “The Royal Dragon” We got a really good deal because we went in May to avoid school holidays.

As you can see it was absolutely amazing. We were all inclusive so we took full advantage of 24 hour food and drink. It’s great because it’s acceptable to have fried chicken and vodka for breakfast.

The weather was a very hot 33 degrees and by some form of miracle I’ve not got a tan-forever a ghost.

If you have been to Turkey before you will be well aware that it is impossible to walk past any shop without being mithered by the shop keepers. So I was convinced that getting my hair done would be a good idea. As mentioned in previous posts I’ve been slowly going lighter with my hair. So I asked the hairdresser to brighten up my faded colour. He brightened it a little too much.

Everyone really likes it but I think it might be a little too bright for my liking so I’m having it toned down on wednesday.

After a lovely week in the sun it was back to work the next day. The first thing I did when I got home was made a full English breakfast. You can take the girl outta Leigh..

I would highly recommend this hotel if you ever visit Antalya.

Peace and Love




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