After months of glorious sunshine it has been a very grey and rainy weekend in Leigh.

My sister is in the middle of renovating house and she had seen an idea of painting her staircase on Pinterest.

Picture found on pinterest-not my image

Sophie isn’t the most artistic member of our family so she rang me up for my assistance to try and recreate this (due to the fact I am more patient/creative then she is)

With a total of 28 stairs to paint (as it is a 3 story house) we decided that an ombre effect might be a little difficult. So we painted part blue and stained the rest in a deep mahogany to make the blue pop. Without being to biased I think we did quite a good job of it.

(Please ignore the walls as I’m being roped into painting these next week)


Today really should be spent lying in bed until after mid day,whilst being jumped on by the pets. However, I am incapable of sleeping in past 8.30am so I got up and started my day.

Once again it had been raining and I live in a very boring area there was little to do. By 2pm I was dying of boredom so we decided to take chief for a walk to the local park and to get some fresh air.

Leigh isn’t the most picturesque of places but we did walk past a field of poppies

(I stopped to take some photos,whilst my boyfriend walked off because I take photos of everything and it’s annoying apparently 🙂

When we got home we decided to make cakes. We bought mounds of chocolate so I think it’s going to take a while to get through all of them.

So that’s about as exciting as my weekend got. I hope everyone else had fun.

Peace and love




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